Vision-Strike-Wear.Com for several years has worked with The Tin Can Sailor Association in donating several military themed "Tin Can" designs for its fund raising efforts. These designs were donated to the Tin Can Sailor Association to aid them in supporting their missions and its members. It has been an honor for Vision-Strike-Wear.Com to be able to do this for them.   

Help Heal Our Vets!

Help Heal Our Vets in collaboration with Vision-Strike-Wear.Com is announcing its efforts to raise awareness of issues and support that help our US military veterans. There are many very important organaizations and military non-profits whose goal it is to support our veterans and put the much needed funds into their hands where it can do our veteran's the most good. This is what Helphealourvets.Org does.


Your purchase of the Helphealourvets.Org hoodie allows all proceeds to be donated to military charities and organizations who do the job right and take care of the veterans. No more red tape or layers of bureacratic salaries that produce little nothing for our veterans. These dollars go to the veterans. Your purchase of this hoodie makes this possible.


This Veteran's Day will mark the beginning of the fundraising campaign created by Healp Heal Our Vets and between this Veteran's Day and next years Veteran's Day 2015 where we will announce the amount that will be donated to the organizations that do the most good within the veteran community. We are excited to partipcate and be part of a fundraising campaign whose sole purpose is to help heal our veterans.

Help Heal Our Vets Hoodie

Help Heal Our Vets Hoodie

Tin Can Sailors Association

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Tin Can Sailors was founded in 1976. They have since grown to thousands of members. Tin Can Sailors has three basic purposes:

To serve Destroyer Veterans through our newspaper, events, ship's store, free admissions, support the Historic Fleet through our Destroyer Museum Grant Program and with volunteer labor and finally to support the Active Fleet through free distribution of their newspaper and contributions to Navy Relief. Their mission and dedication to upholding these goals continues to this day.

With it over 20,000 members, the Tin Can Sailors Association has become one of the best organizations for veterans, sailors past and present, their family and friends for keeping up on a variety of recent  news and events as well as staying in touch with shipmates.


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