Texas Spartan Helmet Fluid Metal Sign

Texas Spartan Helmet Fluid Metal Sign


Texas Spartan Helmet Fluid Metal Sign


Don't Mess With Texas!
America is all about freedom. It is about independence. It is about home and it is about protecting that home from anyone that would usurp or come to take away our way of life. The Spartans of antiquity had the same philosophy and in America we have it as well and in no place is that feeling of statehood more recognized than in the great state of Texas. Sparta had her warriors that protected their city state. America has Texas and in Texas they will protect their way of life like no one else. They are Texas Spartans and to go against Texas means more than a black eye and a fat lip. They are state because of the blood they have spilled and the sacrifices they have made and let that be a clue how much they love Texas. Never Mess With Texas. Not today, not tomorrow. Never!

1/8 inch cold rolled steel. Hand painted. Made In America!

Each sculpture comes with welded on hardware for hanging and 2 inch offsets which gives the sculpture a floating appearance. Dimensions:14"W x 23"H x 2"D 
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