Navy Ship Fitter Chief "SeaBees" Robert A. Protzman

Served with 92nd "SeaBee" Construction Battalion in Asiatic-Pacific Campaign on the island of Tinian where they built 2 B-29 airfields that launched bombing campaigns on mainland Japan.

He was drafted into the Army and went down and joined the Navy, in the SeaBees as a Ship Fitter that same day. Did brief training at Hawaii, 1944, then left for Saipan on troop carrier. After arriving at Saipan, he waited for the 7 day shelling from Battleships and Howitzers on the island Tinian. After drilling wells on the island and scraping all the sugar cane gone, they started to build the base. Five Construction Battalions were there, my grandfathers unit was responsible for building, barracks, medical clinic/hospital, water pier for cargo ships, and the air strip where the historical B-29s, Box Car and Enola Gay took off with the atomic bombs that hit Japan. His was stationed on Tinian for 2 years total.

Battle of Tinian - 24 July 1944 to 1 August 1944
92nd Construction Battalion, Tinian, Northern Mariana Islands 1944 - 1945

Awards and Citations

WWII Victory Medal Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal
Combat Action Ribbon
Rifle Marksman

Navy Ship Fitter Chief SeaBees Robert A. Protzman

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