Navy SAR Combat Rescue Swimmer Charles Meier
Navy SAR Combat Rescue
 Swimmer Chuck Meier
And accomplished Author

Born and raised in a Small Texas town Oldest of 7 children. Struck out for my adventure when I was 18. Joined the US Navy and completed 2 tours as a Rescue swimmer, and First Crewman on Sikorsky H-3 & Heuy H-1 Helicopters.

95-96 I served as a Crash Rescue Fireman on NAS Key West Crash Rescue.

98-2003 I was a  Monroe county Deputy sheriff  serving on Both the S.W.A.T. & Dive Teams

2003-2006 Served as a security contractor Both CONUS & OCONUS  working for Black water and SOC  Providing Asset, Convoy, and personal protection  to the places and people that needed them most.

2006  during a tour in Tikrit Iraq My vehicle was struck by an IED ( Improvised Explosive Devise)  which later caused the loss of my Right leg Below the knee.  

Navy SAR Combat Rescue Swimmer Chuck Meier

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