Vintage Military Challenge Coins with unique and exclusive designs created for our US Military, US Veterans of all branches and Prior Service. These limited edition military coins are made in 3D relief with multiple antique colors, hand painted, serialized and laser engraved for authenticity.

Vintage Military Challenge Coins

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Popeye Bluto Anti-Communism Flip Coin
Desert Storm Veteran Coin
US Navy Submarine Force Run Silent Run Deep Coin
US Navy Chief Goatlocker Tavern Vintage Coin
Navy Jolly Roger Skull Crossed Bones 4 Inch Magnum Coin
US Marine Corps Battle Axe Coin
United States Navy Destroyer Tin Can Sailors Coin
US Navy Seabees We Build We Fight Vintage Coin
US Navy Deck Ape Boatswain's Mate Coin ™
USMC Bulldog Semper Fidelis Coin ™
US Coast Guard Semper Paratus Coin ™
USN Amphibious Gator Navy Vintage Coin ™
US Navy Squid The Sea Is Ours Vintage Coin
Jolly Roger The Sea Is Ours Original US Navy Coin ™
Popeye All Men Are Created Equal Coin™
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